Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation


Deck Plank Faq

What is a Deck Plank Piece?
There are three types of deck planking used on Schooner Fiddlers Dream, all made of Apitong wood. Covering Boards, these are the planks used at the outside edge of the deck where it meets the hull. Covering Board Pieces are 6 inches long, 8 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick. King planks are the planks used down the center of the ships deck. King Plank Pieces are 6 inches long, 8.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick.
Deck planks are the planks used to cover the remaining area of the ships deck. Deck Plank Pieces are 6 inches by 3.5 inches wide by 1.5 inches thick. Each piece of plank is part of an 8 foot to 12 foot long plank that will be installed on the Schooner Fiddlers Dream deck.

Will I receive my deck plank piece?
Your deck plank piece will be installed on the Schooner Fiddlers Dream. You will receive a “Declaration of Conveyance” for your Deck Plank Piece. You will also get a “Deck Layout” to locate your piece of the deck onboard the Schooner. Your name (group, organization or loved one’s) will be listed in our Supporters Plank Piece Log book kept on the Schooner. You will also receive an invitation to the “Whiskey Plank Celebration”. What should it say on my “Declaration of Conveyance” for the Deck Plank Piece? You can have a person’s name, your company, group or organizations name, or “In Memory of a loved one’s name”. Are there a limited amount of deck plank pieces available for purchase or donation?. Yes, Deck Plank Pieces are limited to the space available on the deck. Once all pieces are Sold (donated) they will no longer be available.

Is my Deck Plank Piece donation tax deductible?
Yes, For US citizens and residents the Deck Plank Piece donation is generally tax-deductible on your federal and state tax returns. The full value of the Deck Plank Piece we are installing on the vessel is part of a plank for the deck and it is deductible as a donation to Kitsap Maritime a 501 (C3) Public Charity. The amount that is tax-deductible will be included in your acknowledgement letter.

Will I be able to see/visit my deck plank piece?
Most certainly! You are invited to visit The Schooner Fiddlers Dream to see where your deck plank piece is installed on the Schooner. You will receive a “Deck Layout” to locate your deck plank piece.

When will the deck plank pieces be installed?
The deck planks are being installed this winter and spring of 2017. When the last plank is installed there will be a celebration for the last plank installed (“The Whiskey Plank”). Buy a “Deck Plank Piece” today!

Join us in claiming a piece of maritime history here in Kitsap County aboard the Schooner Fiddlers Dream. Kitsap’s Tall Ship will provide education, overnight sailing adventures and will immerse participants in the artistic, cultural and historical maritime experience on the Puget Sound.