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Battle for Burke Bay

As of 07/12/2018 all tickets have been sold!

Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation (501C3)
Kitsap’s Tall Ship – Schooner Fiddlers Dream
The Battle for Burke Bay
Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at the Port of Brownsville 5:30pm to 8pm

LadyWashington                                        HawaiianChieftan

S/V Lady Washington                    VS                       S/V Hawaiian Chieftian

Enjoy a friendly competition aboard the Tall Ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain.
Experience first-hand a historical journey back in time to the 1800’s during the Age of Sail
aboard the magnificent and majestic tall ships when the world was being explored. Meet on neutral ground at the Port of Brownsville to board your time capsule. The Ships will conduct close quarter sailing maneuvers to strategically fire canons (blanks) at the rudder of the other ship. Who will have the weather gauge – only the skill of the Captains and Crew will determine your fate. The Crews will be furiously working the sails and lines to capture the wind to propel the massive ships. Which ship will survive and which will be a prize with her cargo?
It’s not did we win, but did we survive!

Admiral Level Sponsors
2 @ $500, X-Large Font and logo on advertising material and your company Logo/Banner on display on the ship. Receive a plaque of Sponsorship.
Captain’s Level Sponsors
4 @ $400, Large Font on Advertising material and Logo/ Banner on display at check in point.
Mate’s Level Sponsor
2 @ $300.00 M-Large Font on advertising material
Engineer Level Sponsor
2 @ $200 Medium Font on Advertising material
Bosun Level Sponsor
4 @ $100 Listed in the Bosun area on Advertising material
Topman Level Sponsor
6 @ $75 Listed in Topman area on advertising material
Crewmember Level Sponsor
8 @ $50 Listed in crewmember area on advertising material
Cadet Level Sponsor
12 @ $25 Listed in Cadet area on advertising material

All Sponsorships are to Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation and are Tax Deductible to the extent allowed by Law.

Tickets to attend the battle will be sold for $50.00/person.
80 tickets available.

As of 07/12/2018 all tickets have been sold!

                                                           Why Brownsville you ask?
1. It is in between Bremerton and Silverdale. Neutral Zone!!!!
2. No interference with the US Navy and Ship Yard. Navy can shut it down(Canons).
3. No interference with the Washington State Ferry System or other large vessels.
4. Easy for the Tall Ships to get underway and lots of room to sail around.
5. Free Parking

Time Line for Battle of Burke Bay Wednesday August 8th 2018.

5:30 Gather at Pavilion at Brownsville Marina. Check in for tickets.
5:40 Kitsap Maritime gives presentation on Schooner Fiddlers Dream and sailing characteristics of
Tall Ships…..Schooner VS Square Rigged and vessel shape. Speed vs Maneuverability.
Manning of the Tall Ships back in the Age of Sail. Thanking of our Sponsors.
5:50 Load passengers on the tall ships. Walk 2 minutes to Vessels.
6:00 Under Way and position for Battle
8:00 Return and disembark passengers

This is a fundraising event for our local tall ship Schooner Fiddlers Dream, based at the Port of Brownsville. The Schooner will provide education programs for elementary students, entry level job introductions for shipboard employment, sailing adventures in our local waters.

Please call Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation at 360-633-7421 to reserve your sponsorship.

Checks can be mailed to or through our Paypal site (please contact us to use paypal).

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