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Due to the current situation of the nation, our operating funds are low and we find ourselves in the position of pleading for funds or closing our doors.  In order to continue to restore our vessel to become the community Tall Ship, we need pledges monthly that will total to $500.  This means we can have 10 pledges at $50, 20 pledges at $25 or some combination that will total $500 per month.

This vessel is a majestic 62-foot schooner that will be charged with giving tens of thousands of young people the opportunity to experience self-discovery, life changing adventure and education found only on a tall ship at sea.

Built to last, the iconic Alden style schooner was originally designed for General George S. Patton who intended to sail it around the World.  This vessel has provenance and grace in spades, but above all she is a true sailing vessel destined to become an important element of the Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation’s sail training, nautical education and living history programs that include onboard lodging.

Just to remind you what this vessel is going to be used for after restoration here are some examples:

  1.  Education classes on the vessel that will include maritime history, marine biology (with underwater camera), navigation and charting and STEM application (such as raising the sails).

  2. Platform for art and culture events.  Examples would be photography sailings, chorus or instrumental demonstrations on the vessel.

  3. Sailing Excursions for all ages and abilities.  This will give everyone the experience of the Age of Sail.

  4. Sailing Overnight Outings for youth groups and others.  This is an opportunity for youth groups and other organizations to sail to different ports and have the hands on experience of sailing a Tall Ship.

  5. Tourism – an opportunity for anyone visiting the area to have a unique experience on a Tall Ship.

  6. Event Attraction – the vessel would be available for festivals and other events and would be an attraction for that event.

To show our appreciation for your pledge we will initially send you a lapel/hat pin similar to the one below.  Then every quarter you will get a similar “gift” from Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation.

Your monthly pledge will be for 2 years starting November 1, 2020 and ending November 30, 2022.  Just fill out the form below and mail it in or contact us at 360-633-7421 or 360-434-7187.  If you prefer Paypal you can go to our website and use that donation form and make sure your comment states it is for the pledge. You will receive a quarterly statement from Kitsap Maritime.

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Kitsap Maritime is a 501C 3  Public Charity  EIN 45-4853181